Katherine Eberle

Katherine Eberle, mezzo-soprano, has been teaching voice professionally for the past twenty years. She specializes in art song repertoire, oratorio, chamber music, new music, and opera. She has experience teaching American Musical Theater and popular song style for the classically trained singer. See her biography for details of training and teaching experience.

Eberle has the video-teleconferencing equipment (Polycom View Station) necessary to give master classes, lessons, or to hear incoming student auditions over the Internet. See her video-conferencing page for details.

Eberle is an advocate of the Italian Bel Canto approach to breath management, support, vowel clarity, and “chiaroscuro” tone quality. Her past training in the Alexander Technique for body alignment, relaxation techniques through Tai Chi and massage for a supple body, concentration for performance and body stamina through ballet, Pilates Conditioning, Aikido, Laban Body Movement, and Triplett’s Performance Anxiety Techniques all help her address the individual developmental needs of the student. Dramatic interpretation is one of her special focal points in teaching. She is an advocate for Galway’s “Inner Game” approach to learning: the student indicates what areas he or she wishes to address in vocal development, then Eberle uses positive reinforcement to help the student improve. Generally half of the lesson time is devoted to technique, and the other half of the lesson is spent on application of that technique to repertoire.

Eberle has spent many years perfecting her knowledge of voice science. Her ongoing studies in that area help her to solve vocal difficulties such as register transitions, i.e., passagio and belt voice, as well as improper use of speaking voice. She currently is pursuing a project which looks at different tonal qualities and how educators assess sound.

Student evaluations from The University of Iowa courses taught in recent semesters include the following:

Lower Level Voice Major: “I always understand what she wants and she does a great job finding ways to help me.”

Lower Level Voice Major: “Dr. Eberle knows all the histories of the pieces and composers and all the technical knowledge as well.”

Upper Level Voice Major: “Dr. Eberle makes me eager to learn, improve, and perform!”

Upper Level Voice Major: “Dr. Eberle is good about involving the whole performance seminar class in problem solving issues. She has lots of great ideas. She is a wonderful instructor.”

Upper Level Voice Major: “Dr. Eberle’s performance seminar class always flows very smoothly and efficiently. She sticks well to the schedule given at the beginning of the semester. She always helps individuals find ways to better their personal technique and performance.”

Upper Level Voice Major: “Dr. Eberle is an outstanding professor. She cares about the well-being and knowledge of all of her students and works hard to make sure all of them do their best all the time.”

Graduate Level Voice Major: “Dr. Eberle has diverse amounts of knowledge and many different tactics for teaching. I love all her thoughts and ideas. She motivates me and shows me she cares. She always has a very effective use of lesson time and we get a lot done. ”

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